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I loves me some portobello

Portobello Panini

So on Wednesday my friend Caitlin came over for our weekly dinner eating + Glee watching extravaganza. I have a couple of portobello mushrooms sitting in the fridge that needed to be used. I found this little slice of food heaven, and having just discovered my roommate owns a George Foreman Grill, it seemed like a timely find. I love pretty much all of the ingredients in the list, and the horseradish mayonnaise turned out especially well. I roasted up some kale as discussed in a previous post. We ended up dipping the kale in the extra horseradish mayo which was quite delicious as well. Overall, a great recipe. For some reason the combination of the carmelized onions with the horseradish and portobello made the mushrooms taste “extra meaty”, if that makes any sense at all. I would think about using a different kind of bread next time (I just used sliced whole wheat bread), I think a flatbread would work quite nicely with this sandwich.



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I love seasonal cooking. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only way to cook. Which means that during late summer I have a minor love affair with figs. I love the earthy taste, the strange texture, and the deep purple skin. I especially love the strange beauty of the pink inside that looks like a mutant mouth of too many teeth.

tell me that doesn't look like a mouth

So, in September, when figs went on sale, I stock piled recipes. Only I didn’t have time to make most of them until October when the season had passed. Which put a damper on my plans to make to cover recipe to the Sept issue of Vegetarian Times (the recipe that persuaded me to buy the magazine), until I read that it could be made with dried figs instead. Now, I don’t know if that’s where I went wrong, but safe to say I’m not making this again.


There were just too many strong flavors!  The recipe called for a gorgonzola puree, kalamata olives, fresh spinach, pine nuts and figs. I used what I guess is a much saltier black olive, dried figs, and a whole wheat crust which probably complicated things further. I mean, it was ok overall, but my high expectations were not close to being met. Blerg.



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For those who love salt…

…and are trying not to die due to hypertension.

I give you: roasted kale!

I picked up some kale at the farmarket (otherwise known as a farmer’s market (I have a passion for combining words (and also for nested parentheses)) without any real clue what kale tasted like or how it could be prepared. My first attempt was somewhat of a disaster- a stir-fry type dish with sweet potatoes and onions that I saw in a vegan cook book that materialized under my bed. So I figured I’d look on the trust ol’ internet for a different recipe, and I read that when kale is roasted it becomes crispy and delicious. I happen to love things that are crispy and delicious, so I gave it a shot. The results were much better than the first round of kale creations.

The recipe is very easy and quite tasty and goes something like this.

Because of the natural saltiness of the kale, not much salt needs to be added, but for salt fiends it does the job. I fed it to a few of my friends and they all were pleasantly surprised at the texture and flavor.



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Soon, I will make these…

courtesy of design*sponge

courtesy of design*sponge

Delicious looking Gruyere and Herb scones from the lovely design blog called Design*Sponge as a part of their “In the kitchen with” series.

For the recipe and information about the bakery go here.



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And so it begins!

“It” meaning blogging.

Caitlin and I are taking the next logical step toward our cafe and wasting more time on the internet by starting a blog to list ideas, recipes, mix tapes, comics, general whimsy, and other cafes we plan to copy. If you’re thinking, “Neat! Another blog for me to tweet about all the time!” you might have your hopes set a little high as I think this is the third blog that Caitlin and I have started together. But being that we’re doing above things anyway, and hope to build both a client and supporter base (all we want is your money, not your dreams), we thought it best to blog.*

I should tell you now that we have no idea where or when this cafe will happen, only that it seems inevitable. Especially now that we have settled on a name: The Dark Horse. Probably more on that later. Like below where you can consider yourself polled. Gotcha!

*A livejournal didn’t seem appropriate.

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