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So, as some of you may know, I am not a huge fan of Wal-Mart. In fact after watching this revealing documentary (which is terrible in terms of quality, but with lots of good information), I couldn’t even bring myself to step foot in a Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club. But recently, Wal-Mart has been stepping up its game in the food department, beginning to offer organic foods, and starting to move towards buying from small, local farmers as well.

And just recently a friend sent me this article, which demonstrates that Wal-Mart’s food may be beating out Whole Foods in terms of quality. (Which is going to make white people very unhappy!) As someone who was comfortably seated on her high anti-Wal-Mart horse, I am not totally sure what to do with this information. I can of course still assume Wal-Mart is doing this simply to cater to their consumers and so continue to rake in the moolah, and not so much out of any real concern for sustainability. But, supporting local farmers in any capacity is a great thing, right? AND offering local, organic food at affordable prices is certainly good news for those who can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods all the time.  At this point I suppose I am cautiously optimistic…


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Step #1: Kelsey + Kendra(+ coffee) + art supplies/The Economist+ some free time

Step #2: Things get a little weird

Step #3: Star-Baby Needs a Clutch (title)

Other close up view:


There’s loads of social commentary in there, can you see/find it?

The Dark Horse Cafe is a pro-craft zone. Mainly weird crafts that show you who your real friends are, much like The Craft only without witches. So, like an estrogen intense high school? Nope, let’s backtrack, I suppose it’ll be more like pre-school with juice and snacks and crafts and nap times and storytime from Michael Pollan books.

Unlimited juice!

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Making a layer cake can be intimidating. Get over it and make the cussing cake.

layer one plus heap of lemon cheese cake frosting

giant carrot cake oreo?


further success!

Now looking at it, I realize that the decorations make the top of the cake look a bit like the stitching on a baseball. But this was the first cake I actually had time to decorate, SO LEAVE ME ALONE. Also, I think you can tell that I had recently watched the documentary “Helvetica.” And apparently I put three “p”s which I don’t remember doing and no one said anything about it which is maybe cause for further concern. Really, there’s a lot of cause for concern regarding my spelling and cake decorating and camera flash-fear.

But the cake was delicious. And recipe is found here.

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Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza. Similar to, but different than This Guy. You’re welcome.

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