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So start sometime last year, my friends and I would get together every other week for “Ethnic Night” (which, I have just now decided, I will only refer to as “Ethnights”). These were nights where we would pick some type of ethnic cuisine and have a giant potluck dinner (NAME THIS QUOTE: “And it wasn’t just a siting, they didn’t just “fly by”. They stopped, they landed. The people in Blaine went aboard for a pot luck dinner.” Hint- it’s my favorite movie ever. Of all time. Ever.)

It started out as just a modest attempt for my friend Till and I to learn how to cook new foods, and turned into a giant, midweek party/bingefest. So far we have had Ethiopian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican and Caribbean/Islands. Most of the time these meals have been unbelievably tasty, and the cheapest way in town get like, a 91 course meal. Except for the Japanese themed night when we tried to make fried ice cream by scooping ice cream right into some hot oil. NOT HOW YOU MAKE FRIED ICE CREAM, by the by. (more…)


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Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I come home from a school meeting or the office and I’ll have about an hour of free time in the middle of a stressful day. And then I will think: yes! Now I shall bake something!

It somehow always seems like a better idea than a nap as by the time I fall asleep I’ll just have to get up again. But I also tend to then choose something very complicated to make. Delicious, but complicated.

One Wednesday night I decided to make Raspberry and Apricot Linzer sandwich cookies from my Modern Baker cookbook. I just now saw that the subtitle indicates time-saving techniques and I’m going to tell you right now that’s just hogwash. Perhaps with other recipes of this kind they take longer, but I really find that hard to believe. And this is with just about every recipe in this book.

They were good, but not awesome. Also, gigantic as I used the top of a mason jar as the cookie cutter. Zero retuned home.

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