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Because I did this:

My friends, family and I participated in the 12th annual Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race. This race is as ridiculous as it sounds- teams of people constructing giant sculptures that must be human powered and able to go in water, through sand, mud and up/down hills for 15 miles through the city. Yeah, THAT ridiculous. The name of our sculpture was “Scrum Roll Racer”, a giant sushi boat with rugby girls dressed up as sushi and driving the thing (for more pictures search “Scrum Roll Racer” on Facebook).

Anyways, the race instructions included bringing bribes for the judges. We wanted to keep our bribes within the sushi theme, and, being the fat kids that we are, decided some kind of sweet treat was in order. Thus, our sushi candy bribes were born. I found this helpful blog and my mom and I got to work. Our results looked a little something like this: (more…)


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