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Good Eats: Art Cliff


mmm Vineyard... courtesy Lauren Massey

The most difficult part of my job would have to be the summers I have to spend on Martha’s Vineyard with FOCUS. I know, my life is hard. So I was pleased to be able to head back up there for a day as a part of my job this autumn. I saw some friends who are there all year round– including Bubbles, the man who’s been sassing us from the FOCUS kitchen for about 5 years.

Now, the thing with the Vineyard is that it also happens to have one of the best brunch places I’ve been to. Chances are, if I’ve tried to get you to volunteer in a behind-the-scenes capacity with our summer programs, I’ve probably told you about the Art Cliff. It’s a foodie’s diner. So it’s awesome. Also, now they have a food cart, which is the new “thing” to do.

some family I don't know in front of the Art Cliff

Apart from the food and atmosphere, what I love best about this place is the wait for a table. Counter-intuitive, I know, but it’s true. The restaurant takes no reservations (and as you can imagine can get quite packed during the summer season) and I have many fond memories waiting for hours, famished, with lovely company.

This most recent visit, I took my boss, Rob, who loves food and had yet to go. I jotted down the specials to taunt those with whom I spent many a hangry (hunger induced anger) hour on porch of the Art Cliff.

  • Pumpkin apple pancakes
  • Grilled polenta with mole sauce, over arugula  and served with two fresh farm eggs
  • Sweet potato biscuit with maple butter
  • Brie apple spinach flat bread with two fresh farm eggs
  • Brioche french toast with caramel gingerbread saute apples

Now. I am strictly an egg person when it comes to breakfast– things like pancakes don’t make sense to me that early in the morning. And I’ve learned that often found that the specials tend to reflect both seasonality and culinary interests of the chef, so they tend to be a wise choice in a place like this. I went with the flatbread special, but now wish that I had the french toast. Oh well.




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This Halloween I drove to Brooklyn to collect my friend Phil and bring him to port in Baltimore. Yes, port. If all has gone to plan, Phil is on his way to Bermuda, that is if the craft was sea-worthy. The funny thing about Brooklyn on Halloween is you really can’t tell if people are dressed in costumes or not. Hipsters are confusing!

The best part about picking Phil up in Williamsburg was that we got to hop across the street to his very local and very awesome coffee shop. Basically, if I were to have a coffee shop today, it would be a lot like Boneshakers (134 Kingsland Ave).  I was sold when I saw the stack of Cursive and The Good Life cds while I was adding soy creamer to my coffee.

looooves it.

The first time I went to Boneshakers I loved it and all I had was a cup of coffee. It’s a vegan/vegetarian cafe situation with sandwiches called “The Kevin Bacon” (tempeh bacon and other delicious things). It’s a clever, beautiful place. This weekend I did not venture toward the seitan Cuban (!!!) but instead went for a vegan oatmeal- apricot cookie.  It was an awesome tweener of a cookie and a granola bar.

There were many things that I liked about this place that Caitlin and I had talked about already doing, so it was nice to go to a place that was living our dream. At least in a manner of speaking– The Dark Horse will never be in Brooklyn. But lots of crazy little drawings everywhere? Alexandra, I’m looking at you for that one.


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